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August 16, 2017


Raymond Walker, author of
migrated from his native country of Guyana
to the Untied States in search of
better opportunities,
 and today he works to honor the memory
 of his grandparents in Guyana who raised him.
OUT OF THE JUNGLE is his debut novel.

Visit here for  more information: HERE

The Jungle Boy
Rayfield Walker
OUT OF THE JUNGLE follows Rayfield Walker's escape to New York City, where he finds success as a star student and catharsis in painting, film making, and writing. His accounts of repeated verbal, mental, and physical abuse offer a grim portrait of life in rural Guyana. His father expressed the pain of a gay man living in an unforgiving, homophobic society on young Rayfield, including daily beatings and locking the child in a kitchen cupboard for hours at a time. Rayfield also endured sexual assault at the hands of close friends and relatives. Despite enduring horrifying and repeated abuse, Rayfield fought for his life with an iron will and utter determination. He knew there had to be something better. He found refuge in his grandparents' home, w here his grandmother instilled in him important virtues and strength of character. Finally, after accepting the truth embedded in the advice his grandmother had given him--Remembering where you came from can give you strength, clinging in the past only leads to stagnation--he eventually found a path out. In New York, with the help of those who care for him, Rayfield learns to grab hold of his dreams  and to comfort in the momentum needed to reach his next goal, believing that no one knows what they will experience, accomplish, or who they can become.

 Rayfield Walker

Rayfield Walker migratted from his native country of Guyana to the United States in search of better opportunities and today he works to honor the memory of his grandparents in Guyana who raised him. Out of the Jungle is his debut novel.

This story will tear at your heart.  You won't forget it for a long time.    This is Mr. Walker's memoir of his growing up in Guyana.   He was at the mercy of an abusive, violent father.  He was constantly verbally, mentally and physically abused. His father took his frustrations of being gay out on Rayfield.   He was locked often in a cabinet in the kitchen.  Not only his father abused him sexually but family and friends did so also.  Not only the physical, mental and emotional abuse from his father and others, Rayfield knew that his mother could have prevented every bit of this, but she didn't. She would actually watch him being abused by his father. But this was a boy, about to become a remarkable man.   Rayfield was one among few who had a strong will to overcome the abuse and become someone.  This he did with the help of his grandparents.  His grandmother must have been a wonderful woman.  She took a young boy and taught him the important values of life.  She taught him to be strong.   She instilled in him that remembering where you come from  will often make you strong, but you must not hold on to the past.  With his grandmother's guidance he eventually made his way to New York.   He had dreams.  He knew he was strong now and he worked to achieve those dreams.   He knew that no one knew what the future may bring to you.  So Rayfield went from a scared child that was abused by those who should have loved him, into a strong and positive New York City artist. 
 Mr.. Walker eventually faced his past, and then put it behind.  He won awards, met other artists who helped him and found a peace through the art and photography when he was at Brooklyn College Academy. I am extremely impressed by this man.  He tells a story that is horrific, extremely painful but I believe he tells it so others will know that you can find peace and achieve your dreams.  The past is the past and that is where it belongs.   This man is an inspiration to all.  He dedicates his story to all children everywhere who are abused. Truly a remarkable man.
“In order to achieve great things, you have to do might ones”

I received a copy of this book from the author and voluntarily decided to review it.

I would give this book  5 SOLID STARS.


A Practical Guide to Art History, Tools, Techniques and Styles
Al Gury
Foundations of Drawing by Al Gury

Drawing is a wonderful way to express how you see an object, a person, scenery or anything your eye sees.   This book is a good feel to it since it gives you detailed information and sketches and at the same time let's you see things with your own eyes and then put it on paper.  No two pieces of drawing will be exactly the same since everyone puts their own touch on the work.  Mr. Gury gives some wonderful history and the eras of art that have emerged through time.  He shows you the different choices there are out there in tools, mediums, and papers.  He shows how to use different methods on shading according to different locations and times of the day.  The book has some wonderful pictures in it to go with the history of drawing.  I was extremely interested in the portrait drawing part of the book along with the different mediums you can use along with the correct papers for doing it.  He gives you choices, He doesn't tell you that a certain one is the only right one to use.   This book is for everyone, whether you are a beginner or one who has been drawing for a long time.  The history alone is well worth the read. It would be perfect to put with your art books on your shelf as a reference book when you get stuck on a variety of issues in drawing.   If you are just beginning this book gives such a variety of information along with examples of how to go about achieving your ended piece.  I especially liked the step by step instructions on  portrait drawing.  SO if you have had a desire to draw beyond doodling, then expand on that doodling with help from this guide.  This is the book for good instruction along with wonderful history of drawing and art.

I received a copy of this book from Blogging for Books and the author and voluntarily decided to review it.

I would give this book 4 STARS.



 An Unexpected Afterlife: An Adventure in the Jewish Resurrection (The Dry Bones Society Book 1) by [Sofer, Dan]

An Adventure in the Jewish Resurrection
The Dry Bones Society
Book One
Dan Sofer

Moshe Karlin wakes up one morning, naked and alone, in the Mount of Olives Cemetery. According to his family and friends, he died two years ago, but Moshe is not about to accept his demise lying down.

Is his new lease on life a freak of nature or the start of the long-awaited Resurrection? Moshe doesn't really care. He vows to beat his "afterlife crisis" and win back his life-and his wife-if it is the last thing he does.

But the road ahead is full of unexpected dangers. Along the way he gains insight into life, love, and the Jewish State, as well as the suspicion that perhaps his perfect first life was not so perfect after all.

Meanwhile, other changes are afoot in the Holy Land. A reluctant prophet prepares to deliver a message of redemption-and the end of life as we know it-when a freak accident changes the course of history.

Readers who enjoy the satire and humor of Kurt Vonnegut, Carl Hiaasen, Terry Pratchett, and Douglas Adams will enjoy this intriguing and humorous mystery in the Jewish lore and legends of the Resurrection, the World to Come, and the Messianic Era.

10519922 Dan Sofer won the 2016 Best Book Award (category: religious fiction) for his debut novel, A Love and Beyond ("A mysterious crime. A ruthless secret society. And a desperate bachelor...")

His romantic adventures and magical satires explore Jewish lore and legend on the streets of modern-day Jerusalem.

His new novel, An Unexpected Afterlife, hits the shelves March 28, 2017. (Available for pre-order on Amazon, B&N, BookDepository, etc.)

Dan lives in Israel with his family.

*** Download a free book at

From the Author

For two thousand years, the People of Israel has waited for the Final Redemption.
The wait has ended...

According to Jewish traditions (based on the Old Testament), the End of Days will involve a Resurrection of the Dead, a Messiah King, an Ingathering of Exiles, a Rebuilding of the Temple in Jerusalem, a World War, great upheavals, and a very large banquet of fish (or, in the very least, a very large fish).

What if the Messianic Era began today?

This series of novels, The Dry Bones Society, serves up one possible scenario of how all that might pan out, along with healthy side helpings of romance and action, humor and adventure, as well as an introspective look at the State of Israel and, while we're at it, the state of humanity.

Book 1: An Unexpected Afterlife (March 2017)
Book 2: An Accidental Messiah (October 2017)
Book 3: TBA (2018)

 (You Only Live Twice?) I wasn't really sure if I would enjoy this or not but I'm glad I decided to read it.  It's a mixture of characters who have a depth to them. They aren't simple characters. They are very complicated which makes them interesting.  The author gives you characters that you want to understand and get to know.  The characters are more realistic since they are far from perfect, they have their baggage. There are quite a few characters that are a support for each other.   Moshe Karlin has been dead for about two years, yes dead, but he awakens and finds he is in Mount of Olives Cemetery, completely naked.    He then finds his way to his home and his wife, but when he gets there, his wife and best friend are in bed together.   Moshe finds himself alone, with no home, and no wife.  So he seeks out the one who buried him, Rabbi Yosef hoping to get some answers.  He now knows he will never have his wife back since she soon is to marry his best friend, or who was his best friend, and on top of that, his business is gone.  He has nothing.   Why has he returned from the dead? Moshe is given a second try at life and he certainly knows it won't be easy. But he realizes he hadn't made his first life meaningful, made some bad choices and didn't take to heart what was most important. He wants to make this second life better, but can he do that? But  he soon finds that he isn't the only one who has returned from the dead.  There are others. The author gives you interesting characters, each with their own personalities. You get a bit of the Russian Mob, problems in the city's government, suspense, mystery and a look at the beliefs and structure of Judaism.  A variety of things that the author has molded together to bring a good story of hope.  But there is also the struggle of coming back form the dead for a second chance at life.  Adjusting is difficult.  It all lies in how a person decides to live their life.  Everyone chooses differently.
The book will tug at your heart strings, in both directions.  Heart warming and heart breaking.  Does everyone deserve a "do over" or a "Mulligan" better known as a second chance?  Take  time to read this book and decide if you would deserve or even want a "second chance".  Would you learn from the mistakes in your first life and do things completely different in your second life.?   Some would, some would not.  Some would change the things they did wrong, the wrong choices. Some would throw away the second chance, probably as they did the first.  Everyone has to make the choices that affect their lives by themselves at the end, no one can do it for you.  If you choose wrong, it's on you, no one else.  What would you do?

I received a copy of this book from the author and voluntarily decided to review it.

I would give this book 4 STARS. 



Like Contemporary Romance? THE SULLIVAN'S BOXED SET by @BellaAndre #PUYB #ASMSG… Click To Tweet

The Sullivans Boxed Set Books 1-3

Author: Bella Andre

Publisher: Oak Press, LLC

Pages: 662

Genre: Contemporary Romance
More than 6 million readers have already fallen in love with the Sullivans! Now get ready to meet your new favorite family in Bella Andre's New York Times and USA Today bestselling contemporary romances with the first three books in the #1 hit series.

"Not since Nora Roberts has anyone been able to write a big family romance series with every book as good as the last! Bella Andre never disappoints!" Revolving Bookcase Reviews


Chloe Peterson is having a bad night. A really bad night. The large bruise on her cheek can attest to that. And when her car skids off the side of a wet country road straight into a ditch, she's convinced even the gorgeous guy who rescues her in the middle of the rain storm must be too good to be true. Or is he?

As a successful photographer who frequently travels around the world, Chase Sullivan has his pick of beautiful women, and whenever he's home in San Francisco, one of his seven siblings is usually up for causing a little fun trouble. Chase thinks his life is great just as it is--until the night he finds Chloe and her totaled car on the side of the road in Napa Valley. Not only has he never met anyone so lovely, both inside and out, but he quickly realizes she has much bigger problems than her damaged car. Soon, he is willing to move mountains to love--and protect--her, but will she let him?


For thirty-six years, Marcus Sullivan has been the responsible older brother, stepping in to take care of his seven siblings after their father died when they were children. But when the perfectly ordered future he's planned for himself turns out to be nothing but a lie, Marcus needs one reckless night to shake free from it all.

Nicola Harding is known throughout the world by only one name - Nico - for her catchy, sensual pop songs. Only, what no one knows about the twenty-five year old singer is that her sex-kitten image is totally false. After a terrible betrayal by a man who loved fame far more than he ever loved her, she vows not to let anyone else get close enough to find out who she really is...or hurt her again. Especially not the gorgeous stranger she meets at a nightclub, even though the hunger - and the sinful promises - in his dark eyes make her want to spill all her secrets.


Gabe Sullivan risks his life every day as a firefighter in San Francisco. But after learning a brutal lesson about
professional boundaries, he knows better than to risk his heart to his fire victims ever again. Especially the brave mother and daughter he saved from a deadly apartment fire...and can't stop thinking about.

Megan Harris knows she owes the heroic firefighter everything for running into a burning building to save her and her seven-year-old daughter. Everything except her heart. Because after losing her navy pilot husband five years ago, she has vowed to never suffer through loving - and losing - a man with a dangerous job again.


Amazon | Barnes & Noble

Enjoy the following excerpt

Chase almost missed the flickering light off on the right side of the two-lane country road. In the past thirty minutes, he hadn’t passed a single car, because on a night like this, most sane Californians—who didn’t know the first thing about driving safely in inclement weather—stayed home.
Knowing better than to slam on the brakes—he wouldn’t be able to help whomever was stranded on the side of the road if he ended up stuck in the muddy ditch right next to them—Chase slowed down enough to see that there was definitely a vehicle stuck in the ditch.
He turned his brights on to see better in the pouring rain and realized there was a person walking along the edge of the road about a hundred yards up ahead. Obviously hearing his car approach, she turned
to face him and he could see her long wet hair whipping around her shoulders in his headlights.
Wondering why she wasn’t just sitting in her car, dry and warm, calling Triple A and waiting for them to come save her, he pulled over to the edge of his lane and got out to try and help her. She was
shivering as she watched him approach.
"Are you hurt?"
She covered her cheek with one hand, but shook her head. "No."
He had to move closer to hear her over the sound of the water hitting the pavement in what were rapidly becoming hailstones. Even though he’d turned his headlights off, as his eyes quickly adjusted to the darkness, he was able to get a better look at her face.
Something inside of Chase’s chest clenched tight.
Despite the long, dark hair plastered to her head and chest, regardless of the fact that looking
like a drowned rat
wasn’t too far off the descriptive mark, her beauty stunned him.
In an instant, his photographer’s eye cataloged her features. Her mouth was a little too big, her eyes a little too wide-set on her face. She wasn’t even close to model thin, but given the way her T-shirt and jeans stuck to her skin, he could see that she wore her lush curves well. In the dark he couldn’t judge the exact color of her hair, but it looked like silk, perfectly smooth and straight where it lay over her breasts.
It wasn’t until Chase heard her say, "My car is definitely hurt, though," that he realized he had completely lost the thread of what he’d come out here to do.
Knowing he’d been drinking her in like he was dying of thirst, he worked to recover his balance. He could already see he’d been right about her car. It didn’t take a mechanic like his brother, Zach, who
owned an auto shop—more like forty, but Chase had stopped counting years ago—to see that her shitty hatchback was borderline totaled. Even if the front bumper wasn’t half smashed to pieces by the white farm fence she’d slid into, her bald tires weren’t going to get any traction on the mud. Not tonight, anyway.
If her car had been in a less precarious situation, he probably would have sent her to hang out  in her car while he took care of getting it unstuck. But one of her back tires was hanging precariously over the edge of the ditch.
He jerked his thumb over his shoulder. "Get in my car. We can wait there for a tow truck." He was vaguely aware of his words coming out like an order, but the hail was starting to sting, damn it. Both of them needed to get out of the rain before they froze.
But the woman didn’t move. Instead, she gave him a look that said he was a complete and utter nut-job.
"I’m not getting into your car."
Realizing just how frightening it must be for a lone woman to end up stuck and alone in the middle of a dark road, Chase took a step back from her. He had to speak loudly enough for her to hear him over
the hail.
"I’m not going to attack you. I swear I won’t do anything to hurt you."
She all but flinched at the word attack and Chase’s radar started buzzing. He’d never been a magnet for troubled women, wasn’t the kind of guy who thrived on fixing wounded birds. But living with two sisters for so many years meant he could always tell when something was up.
And something was definitely up with this woman, beyond the fact that her car was half-stuck in a muddy ditch.
Wanting to make her feel safe, he held his hands up. "I swear on my father’s grave, I’m not going to hurt you. It’s okay to get into my car." When she didn’t immediately say no again, he pressed his advantage with, "I just want to help you." And he did. More than it made sense to want to help a stranger. "Please," he said. "Let me help you."
She stared at him for a long moment, hail hammering between them, around them, onto them. Chase found himself holding his breath, waiting for her decision. It shouldn’t matter to him what she decided.
But, for some strange reason, it did.

...Excerpt from THE LOOK OF LOVE by Bella Andre ©

Bella Andre is the New York Times, USA Today and Publishers Weekly
bestselling author of “The Sullivans”, “The Maverick Billionaires”, “The
Morrisons”, and the NYT bestselling “Four Weddings and a Fiasco” sweet romance
series written as Lucy Kevin.

Having sold more than 6 million books, Bella Andre’s novels have been #1
bestsellers around the world and have appeared on the New York Times and USA
Today bestseller lists 32 times. She has been the #1 Ranked Author at Amazon
(on a top 10 list that included Nora Roberts, JK Rowling, James Patterson and
Steven King), and Publishers Weekly named Oak Press (the publishing company she
created to publish her own books) the Fastest-Growing Independent Publisher in
the US. After signing a groundbreaking 7-figure print-only deal with Harlequin
MIRA, Bella’s “The Sullivans” series is being released in paperback in the US,
Canada, and Australia.

Known for “sensual, empowered stories enveloped in heady romance”
(Publishers Weekly), her books have been Cosmopolitan Magazine “Red Hot Reads”
twice and have been translated into ten languages. Winner of the Award of
Excellence, The Washington Post called her “One of the top writers in America”
and she has been featured by Entertainment Weekly, NPR,
USA Today, Forbes, The
Wall Street Journal, and TIME Magazine. A graduate of Stanford University, she
has given keynote speeches at publishing conferences from Copenhagen to Berlin
to San Francisco, including a standing-room-only keynote at Book Expo America
in New York City.

If not behind her computer, you can find her reading her favorite authors,
hiking, swimming or laughing. Married with two children, Bella splits her time
between the Northern California wine country and a 100
year old log cabin in the Adirondacks.

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August 15, 2017


Christmas in a Cowboy's Arms

Christmas in a Cowboy's Arms by [Greenwood, Leigh, Bittner, Rosanne, Broday, Linda, Brownley, Margaret, Schmidt, Anna, Sandas, Amy]
  • Number: B01N27V1HX
  • Release: October 3, 2017
  • Authors: Rosanne Bittner, Leigh Greenwood, Margaret Brownley, Anna Schmidt, Amy Sandas, Linda Broday
  • Availability: E-Book
  • Genre: Romance
  • Tags: * Rom: Historical, Western, Collections & Anthologies, Seasonal / Holiday
  • Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca
In the wild and untamed West, it takes cowboy's embrace to see you through a long winter's night. Stay toasty this holiday season with heart-warming tales from bestselling authors Leigh Greenwood, Rosanne Bittner, Linda Broday, Margaret Brownley, Anna Schmidt, and Amy Sandas. The Beating Heart of Christmas Whether it's a lonely spinster finding passion at infamous outlaw-turned-lawman reaffirming the love that keeps him whole...a lost and broken drifter discovering family in unlikely places...a Texas Ranger risking it all for one remarkable woman...two lovers bringing together a family ripped apart by prejudice...or reunited lovers given a second chance to correct past mistakes...a Christmas spent in a cowboy's arms is full of hope, laughter, and—most of all—love. (from Night Owl Reviews)

This is a book that will warm your heart on a cold winter's  night around the holidays. What if you were miles from the nearest town, the nearest neighbor in the Wild West?  It got lonely and in the winter the wind and snow were cold.  The nights were long.  IT didn't matter if you were an unmarried woman who at last had found love, or an outlaw who found a better path, a special woman who a Texas ranger would go to the ends of the earth for,  or lovers. The author brings about the challenges that the Wild West brought to everyone, but for someone alone, someone trying to put their lives back together it was a little harder.  Everyone needs someone and the authors of these stories bring you a heart full of warmth, hope and most important of all, LOVE.   The author gives something for everyone, whether you love historical romances, westerns or  just a good heart warming book.   The author gives a variety of different characters, all needing companionship, the hope of better times and a special someone to hold them on a cold winter's night.  You will turn the pages with eagerness to see how each of them found that special someone and how it warmed their hearts and nights.  I found that I felt I knew these people and I felt for them at how lonely and cold those nights were, being alone and then hope and love stepped in and changed their lives. A wonderful book to cozy up to the fire, during the holiday season.  You won't be cold and lonely while reading this book from the various authors.  Each one is a special story in it's own.

I received a copy of this book from Night Owl Reviews and the authors and voluntarily decided to review it.

I would give this book  4 STARS.





The Amish of Summer Grove

Book 3 of 3


Cindy Woodsmall


Finally back in the Old Order Amish world she loves, will Ariana's new perspectives draw her family closer together or completely rip them apart?



Cindy Woodsmall

Cindy Woodsmall is a New York Times and CBA best-selling author who has written nineteen (and            counting!) works of fiction and one of nonfiction. She and her dearest Old Order Amish friend, Miriam Flaud, coauthored the nonfiction, Plain Wisdom: An Invitation into an Amish Home and the Hearts of Two Women. Cindy's been featured on ABC Nightline and the front page of the Wall Street Journal, and has worked with National Geographic on a documentary concerning Amish life. In June of 2013, the Wall Street Journal listed Cindy as one of the top three Amish fiction writers.

She is also a veteran homeschool mom who no longer holds that position. As her children progressed in age, her desire to write grew stronger. After working through reservations whether this desire was something she should pursue, she began her writing journey. Her husband was her staunchest supporter as she aimed for what seemed impossible.

She’s won Fiction Book of the Year, Reviewer’s Choice Awards, Inspirational Reader’s Choice Contest, as well as one of Crossings' Best Books of the Year. She’s been a finalist for the prestigious Christy, Rita, and Carol Awards, Christian Book of the Year, and Christian Retailers Choice Awards.

Her real-life connections with Amish Mennonite and Old Order Amish families enrich her novels with authenticity. Though she didn’t realize it at the time, seeds were sown years ago that began preparing Cindy to write these books. At the age of ten, while living in the dairy country of Maryland, she became best friends with Luann, a Plain Mennonite girl. Luann, like all the females in her family, wore the prayer Kapp and cape dresses. Her parents didn’t allow television or radios, and many other modern conveniences were frowned upon. During the numerous times Luann came to Cindy’s house to spend the night, her rules came with her and the two were careful to obey them—afraid that if they didn’t, the adults would end their friendship. Although the rules were much easier to keep when they spent the night at Luann’s because her family didn’t own any of the forbidden items, both sets of parents were uncomfortable with the relationship and a small infraction of any kind would have been enough reason for the parents to end the relationship. While navigating around the adults’ disapproval and the obstacles in each other’s lifestyle, the two girls bonded in true friendship that lasted into their teen years, until Cindy’s family moved to another region of the US.

As an adult, Cindy became friends with a wonderful Old Order Amish family who opened their home to her. Although the two women, Miriam and Cindy, live seven hundred miles apart geographically, and a century apart by customs, when they come together they never lack for commonality, laughter, and dreams of what only God can accomplish through His children. Over the years Cindy has continued to make wonderful friendships with those inside the Amish and Mennonite communities—from the most conservative ones to the most liberal.

Cindy and her husband reside near the foothills of the North Georgia Mountains in their now empty nest.



 Finally back in the Old Order Amish world she loves,

Will Ariana’s new perspectives draw her family closer together—
or completely rip them apart? After months away in the Englisch world, Ariana Brenneman is overjoyed to be in the Old Order Amish home where she was raised. Yet her excitement is mixed with an unexpected apprehension as she reconciles all she’s learned from her biological parents with the uncompromising teachings of her Plain community. Although her childhood friend, ex-Amish Quill Schlabach, hopes to help her navigate her new role amongst her people, Ariana’s Daed doesn’t understand why his sweet daughter is suddenly questioning his authority. What will happen if she sows seeds of unrest and rebellion in the entire family?
Meanwhile, Skylar Nash has finally found her place among the large Brenneman family, but Ariana’s arrival threatens to unravel Skylar’s new identity—and her sobriety. Both Ariana and Skylar must discover the true cords that bind a family and community together and grasp tight the One who holds their authentic identities close to His heart.  Gathering the Threads is the third and final novel in The Amish of Summer Grove series.

MY THOUGHTS:  This is book three of three in the series, Summer Grove. The first two books were TIES THAT BIND and FRAYING AT THE EDGE.  I always can tell if a book has meant something to me when I finish and I want more.  This has been the way with this series.  I'm an Amish genre lover but this series has been one of a kind.This third book is a continuation of Araina's story. I would definitely suggest reading the three books in order so you get the background on the characters and what's been going on.After Ariana has returned to her Old Order home from being in the Englisch world, she has many different feelings.  At times she forgets about the Amish ways. You don't question your daed and when Araina does, her daed doesn't understand why his sweet daughter is questioning his authority.  She's been in the Englisch world where asking questions and rebelling is part of life, but in the Amish world, questions are not asked by a daughter to her daed.  She is now back in The Old Order Amish community and she must go by the rules.    She is seen as rebelling and that is unacceptable. Will her Englisch ways spread to others in the Old World Community?  Especially the young ones who are at that point of questioning where they belong, plain or Englisch.  She is trying  to put sense to what she's learned from her natural parents and the rules of her plain world.  There are also secrets of sorts.  Skylar has finally found sobriety and feels at peace in the household of the Brenneman's.  What will Araina's coming back to the household do to her?  She feels her sobriety is threatened.   Skylar finally has become herself, she has found her true self and she has tried hard to put the past in the past.   But with Araina's coming home, will that past stay in the past?  Two people, Araina and Skylar must find what connects them and hold their faith and God close to their hearts to keep that past in the past.   They can't let go of their faith.

As always, Ms. Woodsmall has given us another wonderful, heart warming story about the Amish world. She has combined the plain world with the Englisch world.  We are given two young women who are finding themselves, grasping their faith, and learning new things.  The characters and the scenes are well described and lighten the heart.  I always find that reading an Amish book rests my soul a bit.  It brings a peacefulness after a long, stressful day.  It also reminds the reader of their faith, regardless of what that may be.  You don't have to be religious to enjoy this book or any Amish book.   They are just good clean reads about another way of life and there are lessons to be learned while enjoying a good book, good characters that you can connect to  and lovely caring communities.

I received a copy of this book from the author, Cindy Woodsmall and Waterbrook/Multnomah and voluntarily decided to review it.

I would give this book 5 SOLID STARS. 


August 14, 2017


-Due Out October 31, 2017-

The Cavensham Mistresses
Book Two of Two
Janna MacGregor


Product Details

  • Number: B06Y5DYVCT
  • Release: October 31, 2017
  • Author: Janna MacGregor
  • Availability: E-Book
  • Genre: Romance
  • Tags: * Rom: Historical
  • Publisher: St. Martin's Press
Even MARRY her...

 The son of a cold-hearted duke, Nicholas St. Mauer isn’t one to involve himself in society…or open his own heart to anyone. But driven by honor, the reclusive Earl of Somerton feels obliged to keep a watchful eye on Lady Emma Cavensham. She possesses a penchant for passions unbecoming a woman that finds Nick in constant peril of losing his well-structured solitude. She even dared kiss Nick once—an utterly unladylike, and delightful, lapse… Emma can’t deny the appeal of the earl’s attention, and occasional affection, but she has no need for a man. There are worse fates than spinsterhood, as Emma knows too well. She still mourns the loss of her dear friend Lena, and is determined to prove Lena’s husband responsible for her death before he lures another innocent woman into a brutal marriage. But as Emma pursues her prey, a compromising moment upends all her plans. Now, with gossip swirling and her reputation in tatters, Nick may be the only man brave enough to join in Emma’s cause. . .and fight for her heart. (from Night Owl Reviews)

Janna MacGregor was born and raised in the bootheel of Missouri. She credits her darling mom for introducing her to the happily-ever-after world of romance novels. Janna writes stories where compelling and powerful heroines meet and fall in love with their equally matched heroes. She is the mother of triplets and lives in Kansas City with her very own dashing rogue, and two smug, but not surprisingly, perfect pugs. She loves to hear from readers. Janna is the author of The Cavensham Heiresses books (The Bad Luck Bride, The Bride Who Got Lucky).

 Emma doesn't need a man in her life.  But she can't get rid of the feeling she gets when the Earl is around, but Nicholas St. Mauer, the Earl is a loner.  He doesn't socialize and he sure doesn't want anything to do with love.   The Earl may soon find he's not a loner any more.  He feels he is obligated to keep watch over Lady Emma Cavesham.  She isn't your typical woman.  She is different.  She likes doing things that shock, very unladylike.  Emma knows that staying unwed isn't anything compared to what could happen.   She has some other things on her agenda at the moment. Her best friend is dead and she is bound and determined to prove that Lena's death was the cause of her brutal husband.  She's not about to let another innocent woman end up the same way at the hands of this dangerous man.  But while seeking the truth, something happens that causes Emma's reputation to be at stake.  What will happen now?  Will the Earl come to her rescue and not only help her bring justice but find himself not a loner any more? 
The author gives you two characters who are very different.  The Earl is reserved and Lady Emma is far from that.  They both want to protect something. The Earl is protecting his heart and Emma is protecting innocent women. I liked that the author gave the reader a woman, who back in the day, was to be a lady above all else, and Emma was a lady, but an unconventional lady for the day.  It was nice to see chivalry for a change. The Earl, would protect Emma no matter what, even if he had to marry her.  But will that happen?   The author builds suspense as the pages are turned.  So many questions need answering.  I found the characters to be interesting and very well described.  You could picture the Earl, handsome and dashing keeping  his distance and yet there to protect Emma.  Emma, you could see her being dressed very lovely in her gowns and yet seeing the fierceness and her determination that most women didn't show.

I received a copy of this book from the author and Night Owl Reviews and voluntarily decided to review it.

I would give this book 4  STARS. 

PUHA: Master of the Wild

Puha (Master of the Wild Book 1) by [Van Tighem, J. Bradley] 
Master of the Wild
Book One 
Three Book Series

 Many Wolves, a 12-year-old boy adopted by Lipan Apaches, is haunted by memories of mounted men with painted faces killing his white-skinned parents. When Laughing Crow, the powerful leader of the Nokoni Comanche band responsible for the killings, discovers his Lipan village and asks for the white-skinned boy in exchange for peace, Many Wolves flees. In the harsh desert wilderness, nourished by the salty waters of the Pecos River, he learns to survive alone with his trained wolf hawks.

Five years later, the Nokoni leader’s son is killed by a Lipan arrow, which sets Laughing Crow on a trail of blood and vengeance. Many Wolves, now hardened by nature and empowered with a gift to walk with the spirits of his animals, is forced out of seclusion to confront his nightmare and protect his Lipan village.

Puha, the Comanche word for “spiritual power,” is an unconventional western story set in the late 1700s, before Texas was settled with Colt revolvers and Winchester rifles: a time when vast herds of buffalo roamed the Southern Plains, grizzly bears and wolves thrived, and the Comanche rode unchallenged on painted ponies.

7147099MR. VAN TIGHEM    J. Bradley Van Tighem was born and raised in California, a sixth-generation Californian. He is an avid nature buff, especially fond of birds of prey and reptiles. He dabbled in falconry for several years, but realized he couldn't dedicate enough time to it with a full-time job as a Java programmer and two sports-loving teenage boys.
His fiction attempts to capture his love of falconry and the Native American cultures, specifically the Apache and Comanche tribes of Texas. The first book of the Master of the Wild Series is entitled “Puha” and is set in the 1700s, unsettled Texas, before Rangers, revolvers, and rifles. A western without cowboys during a time when the Comanches, “the most powerful tribe in American history” as coined by historian S. C. Gwynne, roamed the Southern Plains on their painted ponies. “Puha” blends “My Side of the Mountain” with “Dances With Wolves.”

He hopes to follow-up “Puha” with the second and third installments of the series entitled “Mestizo” and “Tejano," respectively. Look for “Mestizo” at the end of 2014...

MY THOUGHTS: SPIRITUAL POWER the meaning of PUHA! If you're looking for your typical shoot 'em up cowboy, Indian story, then this isn't for you. This isn't your typical vision of tents with Indians going on the war path. It's about how nature, animals and the lost history of the Native Americans comes to life.  It is a fictional read, but as you read, it becomes more. It becomes a part of your present. You picture yourself there.   This genre is  one of my very favorite.  I haven't found many historical fiction books about the Native Americans. IT is often a subject that isn't talked or written about. When I got the chance to read this book, I jumped at it.  

The book did bring about some emotions , Hollow Leg was a white young boy.  After his parents' death carried out by "Buffalo Men", he sees men with paint on their faces and is haunted day and night by them.  He was adopted soon after by the Lipan Apaches.)I did wonder about how the Lipan's found him and how did they go about adopting him, was it assumed, was there a ceremony of some kind?) His new name is Many Wolves.  But the haunting of the painted faces becomes more than just a nightmare in his mind.  It becomes a reality when the Nokomi tribe find Many Wolves with the Lipan Apaches. They want him and demand the Apaches to turn him over. In order to save  his village and new family  he runs.  Now he is out there, no longer in a safe place with his Apache tribe. Survival is now the name of the game, so he searches for a safe place.He finds a place near the Pecos Rivers. He has animal friends that the author gives you the feeling they were more than animals to Many Wolves.  They were each, in their own way, a special part of Many Wolves' life.  There is still that haunting, those faces and after five years of being without the protection of his Lipan family, the past emerges and he will either have to come to grips with it or flee, once again. Will Many Wolves be able to face those haunting memories?   Who will   win?  The ones who haunt or the haunted?

I found the pages turning quickly as I followed Many Wolves from a young boy seeing his parents murdered to his new sheltered life with the Lipan Apaches. Then I watched Many Wolves become a man who learned how to survive, dependent only on himself.  What put the icing on the cake was when Many Wolves comes face to face with Laughing Crow, the Nokomi leader.  This wasn't an easy thing to do.  Laughing Crow was mean, loved the blood fight, thrived on it. He was a heartless man, who killed sometimes just for the sake of killing. No REAL reason, except for the lust of  blood.  I found it so hard to see that some of the other Indians looked up to him.  I don't know if it was a fear of him or did they see something in him that they wanted to be like? Did they, possible, look at him as him as having mystical powers?

As the years pass, Many Wolves encounters different men, some with sound advice, some with tales to tell and some he made lasting friendships with.  Get this book and follow the lives of the characters.

 There must be hours and hours of research put into this book.  The author doesn't skim over the realities of  the story. There was blood to be shed, there were lives to be lost.  You become a part of the character's lives, the way they felt, the way they lived and the struggles they faced. The plot and the characters are well developed, with the characters being interesting. I wanted to know more about Many Wolves, Laughing  Crow and their lives.  This is rather a  historical coming of age story.  I don't believe I've ever read a story about Native Americans that I found so interesting and so touching, in a way.  Many Wolves leaves a lasting impression on you as does Laughing Crow, two different  impressions.   I was interested to learn that PUHA means spiritual power.  Many Wolves, I believe, carried PUHA with him through his growth from a young boy to a man. A good solid plot with good solid characters.  So much  in this book to keep you attached, to keep you reading and when you're at the end, you'll want more.  I always feel if you want more at the end, you've gained so much by reading it.I can't recommend this book enough.  It's different but after a few pages you become invested in the  book.  It's like none I've read before. So try it, there's so much to delve into.  (It is a rather lengthy book, but well worth the time.

I was given a copy of this book from the author and voluntarily decided to review it.

I would give this book 5 SOLID STARS.